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The following has been cleared for posting by Gill Mckenna Molyneux and NIgel Mellor.

I have received the following from Nigel Mellor, Chairman of WE REMEMBER SUBMARINERS.

Due to work commitments I feel unable to continue in the Chairman’s role of WRS, I am willing to continue as a trustee and treasurer for the foreseeable future.
This has not been a decision I have taken lightly and would like to thank everyone for the support they have given me over the past 18 months.
I truly feel we need to advertise and recruit a chairman to be elected at the AGM.
In the mean time I would ask that Gill and Brad assume the role of chairperson to ensure we recruit the right person for the role .

My thoughts are like yours to ensure we maintain Ian’s legacy in the charity 
I am here if you need anything

Kind Regards
Nigel Mellor

FOUNDER - I would like to be the first to thank Nigel, on behalf of the entire team of Trustees, for all his efforts over the last 18 Months, I am certain that without him we would never have achieved Charity Status.
it was he who, whilst carrying a difficult day job and managing a relocation, helmed WRS through the process to gain registered charity status. His term has been marked with some significant events in the history of submarining, notably the 100 year anniversary of the armistice and the tragic loss of ARA San Juan, and it was Nigel who led WRS to respond appropriately to both of these events, with the families of the Argentine Submariners gaining some support from our community through the charity. The resulting and (due to geopolitical issues) unexpected solidarity between Argentine and British Submariners and their families, is attributed to him.

I have spoken to Gill and the Trustees in order to find a way forward which will incur the most minimal disruption to WRS. The plan, from Gill,is as follows.

Gillian Molyneux is acting as Pro Tem Chairman from now until our already planned AGM on 2nd February.(Further details on where this will take place will be posted shortly)

We are asking NOW for volunteers TO POTENTIALLY become Trustees of the Charity, joining those already in place. Exactly how many, (or indeed, if any!), and what specific responsibilities they might entail, will be decided at the next AGM.

In addition, we are looking NOW for a volunteer to become THE CHAIRMAN, (Chairperson). Votes for or against any candidates for Chairman will be taken From The TRUSTEES at the AGM.

All members have 28 days FROM TODAY to notify their interests in both positions (Trustee or Chairman).

Applicants are requested to email Gill at

All applicants will receive an official application form to fill in and return to Gill.

Potential Chairman will be required to attend the AGM. Failure to attend will result in cancellation of your request for Chairman.

The agenda for the AGM will include –


Item 2 - Will be a decision on the future line management and whether any further Trustee (or Trustees) election is required.
If the vote on Item 2 results in a requirement for more Trustees then –

Item 3 - Will be the election of Trustee(s) from the VOTES OF THE VOTING MEMBERS AND TRUSTEES. (The votes from Trustees and Voting Members unable to attend [if any] will already have been canvassed and counted PRIOR to the meeting).

A full statement of the proposed Agenda will be promulgated before the AGM. Any suggestions for inclusion please send to Gill.

ALL Voting Members and Trustees are invited to the AGM, which will take place in same Midlands Hotel as previously used. If you cannot attend then proxy votes/postal votes on Agenda matters will be taken as previously stated.

A full report of the minutes of the AGM will be promulgated both here and on the website IDC.


At this point I would like to inform all members/Voting Members and Trustees of my own personal intention to apply for the job of Chairman. After 5 years I have recovered from my stroke sufficiently for me to feel confident that I can return to the position should the membership will it. I have notified Gill IAW the above instructions.

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