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5th July 2018

ladies and Gents

We are again at that very busy time of year for We Remember Submariners preparing for the Pledge Pin rollout to all who have pledge for the 2018 Pin.

There is a lot of work behind the scenes which makes this happen every year and I would like to thank all those involved who continue to give up their time in doing so.

Of course, we would not be doing this without the overwhelming support you all keep giving every year.

This year we are aiming to get all Pledge Pins out as quickly as possible starting in August, however we do need your help making this happen.

To assist us with timings we opened the payment from the 1st June and we would like to very much thank all who have paid so far, but as can be seen on this page there are still some outstanding.

The 2018 Pin is due to be with us mid to late July, but please bear with us as we have over 700 packages to get packaged up and then posted.Further details will be posted here when we start posting them.

For those who have still to pay, we would please ask for you to give this your attention. In particular please do check you POSTCODE is included as part of your address, as this will cause delays in us posting until we have it.

I must admit, I like most fall guilty of not reading emails in their entirety at times, something I must get better at. When We Remember Submariners send you an email, mainly the one about paying for your Pin Pledge, there can be other instructions / requests, which just get missed.

For a long time now, we have published on Facebook, the website and in the Pledged payment email, the importance of checking your Postcode and added it if missing as part of your address details. So, I do not fully understand why so many of you miss it.

The reason for this was we did have a configuration issue which caused all Postcodes to be lost. So we need all Registered users who have made a Pledge for any of our Remembrance Pins just to check there address details, as this is the address we send your pins too. This does not have to be your home address, but the address you want us to send your Pledged Pins.

As always all of us at We Remember Submariners thank you for your continued support.

David Woolterton
Trustee and Webmaster

2018 Pin Pledges

Total Number of Pledged Pins = 1814
Total Number of individual Pledges = 720
Number Pin Pledges Paid = 641
Number Pin Pledges not yet Paid = 79

2019 Pin Pledges

168 Days left to the closing of this list.

Last Pledge was made by
Ian Moriarty
Total Number of Pledged Pins = 1460
Total Number of individual Pledges = 628

ARA San Juan Cheque Donation

RNSMS Picture

Pictured from left to right WESM Tyler, CPO Geoff Boulton, WO Cox'n Grant Fox ret'd and WESM Gardiner

Following some excellent work in the RN Submarine School, after the tragic loss of the ARA San Juan, CPO Geoff Boulton, ably assisted by two trainee submariners, proudly presented a cheque for £500 to WRS representative, Grant Fox. This represents the proceeds of the RNSMS selling the memorial pin that was designed by We Remember Submariners.

All of the proceeds from the sale of this unique pin go to the Family’s Fund of the Argentinian Navy to aid the families of those submariners that tragically perished following the loss of ARA San Juan on the 15th November 2017.


We also ask you to please contact the Webmaster if you find any errors on any of these pages.

ARA San Juan Family Fund

For those who would still like to donate to the ARA San Juan Family Fund, We Remember Submariners have taken the decision to continue to collect donations, even though our especially commissioned rememberance pin has now completely sold out. We have currently raised  £9000 to date, which is made up from the sale of the pin and a contribution from the sale of the rugby shirts. All further donations, using this link, will be added to the fund.

ARA San Juan Families Fund

£ 9,110.00

We Remember Submariners would like to take this opportunity to thank all of those who have contributed by purchasing either a ARA San Juan pin or a rugby shirt. We are proud to put our name to this worthy cause.

If you wish to remain anonymous from the list below, please select this option when making your donation. If you are a UK tax payer, there is a gift aid option should you wish to select it.

Thank you


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