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8th April 2019

As today marks the eighth anniversary of the killing of Lt Cdr Ian Molyneux and the wounding of Lt Cdr Chris Hodge aboard HMS Astute. The events in the Control room eventually led to the Posthumous award of the George Medal to Lt Cdr Molyneux, and awards for Cllr Royston Smith and Chief Executive Alistair Neil of Southampton, who were visiting VIPs at the time.

The event was the catalyst for the formation of WE REMEMBER SUBMARINERS when the online community of retired Submariners clubbed together to provide a wreath for Lt Cdr Molyneux’s funeral. So much money was raised that it was decided to continue and provide wreaths for serving and retired Submariners funerals. From an original membership of 208 WRS has grown and sells thousands of memorial lapel pins each year. In 2015 WRS became an official registered Charity in England and Wales.

Today, as always. WRS extends its Sympathy Love and thoughts to Gill, his widow and our Patron, and all the Family, Jamie, Aaron, Beth and Charlie.


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2019 AGM Minutes

Apologies for the delay in getting the minutes to the WRS 2019 AGM published, but unfortunately due to illness these were delayed.

I can now say for all those who have been awaiting them they are available HERE

London Marathon 2019

One of our Trustees Graham Bishop is running the London Marathon on Sunday the 28th April 2019.

Can we all show our support for him as he is running in the name or We Remember Submariners. If you would like to sponsor him you can do so at the Virgin Money Giving Page HERE

Chairman Update – Dated 18/2/2019

Good Day All office of the Chairmen

Just wanted to introduce myself as your New Charmin of WRS, first of all, I would like to thank the outgoing Chairmen Nigel Mellor and his team of trustees for all their hard work in getting us ready and then getting us through the process of becoming an official charity.

Over the next few weeks there are going to be some changes that are going to come to WRS, now that we have charity status we need to keep pushing forward and improving the way we run and how we provide support for the families of Submariners that have crossed over the bar.

I will tell you a little about myself. I am a veteran of the US Submarine Services but, I am also English.

I have been with WRS from its Start first as a member then trustee and now Charmin I also founded We Remember American Submariners, Canadian & Australian groups, I am an Honorary Member of the UK Submarine Association (Welsh Branch), and member of the Royal Navy Association and various US Submarine Groups and Charity’s So I have an in-depth knowledge of the community.

Our aim to take WRS to the next step building on our solid foundation and moving ahead so we can help and do more for the Submarine community, our motto Past Present Future means what it states we want as a charity to look after submariners and help where and when we can.

Over the next few weeks, there is going to be some changes that I think you will all like; I would also ask you to contact me with your suggestions and what you think we are doing good at and what we are not doing well with in your option.

The Board of Trustees and I are looking forward to serving you as moving the charity forward.

I will try to make a statement every quarter and when we have news for the group.

Once again I look forward to working with you all.

Patrick Warley
Chairman We Remember Submariners
CTB Officer for East Anglia and International

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