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1st March 2018

Ladies and Gents

It gives me great pleasure to announce that, We Remember Submariners, will officially now be recognised as a charity, and our name has been added to the register of charities.

I would like to thank all of you, for your patience, support and help during the application process.


Here at We Remember Submariners, we have been putting a newsletter together, which has been sent to all registered users of this site. We believe it has been a long time coming and hope to make it a regular 3 monthly event.

For those who have not registered on this site you can view and download it from here.

Kind regards

Nigel Mellor
We Remember Submariners 
Registered as a Charity in England and Wales.

We also ask you to please contact the Webmaster if you find any errors on any of these pages.

2019 Pin Pledges

284 Days left to the closing of this list.

Last Pledge was made by
John MacRae
Total Number of Pledged Pins = 420
Total Number of individual Pledges = 189

Brickwoods Field Gun Competition

IMG 1655

We Remember Submariners are pleased to announce that we supported several submariner crews who competed in last year’s Brickwoods Field Gun Competition held at HMS Collingwood on Saturday 3rd June 2017.

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We Remember Submariners, thank you for your continued support.