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HMS Vengeance in the Keswick to Barrow run

We Remember Submariners are pleased to announce they are supporting a crew from HMS Vengeance in the Keswick to Barrow run, to be held in May.

2017 Pin Pledges

Please do take the time to follow the instructions on the Important Pin Information Page and Pledge for your Pin if you have not already done so.

Last Pledge by Mr Paul Sutherland for 1 Pins
Total Number of individual Pledges = 559
Total Number of Pledged Pins = 1512

Trustees Meeting

On Saturday 1st April the group held its first trustee meeting, in Gosport. Minutes of the meeting and further news will appear here shortly.

Brickwoods Field Gun Competition

We Remember Submariners are pleased to announce that we will be supporting several submariner crews competing in this year’s Brickwoods Field Gun Competition held at HMS Collingwood on Saturday June 3rd.

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