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 4th September

Update message from the Chairman

Many thanks to all of you that have bought pins this year, we do have still over 150 people who pledged for their pins, and have not paid despite frequent reminders, we are in a slightly difficult situation, where sales are going well, and we have kept these pins back to ensure nobody is disappointed, however we will be in a position shortly were sales of the exclusive pins meet the numbers we have ordered. If those people have not paid by the end of September we may be forced to release them for sales to interested people.

I am asking you all to please check if you pledged and not paid and if so, please contact me asap.

The shop has now re-opened and we have a number of polo shirts for sale at a reduced price in a sale exclusively for you.

Again many thanks for all your support and co-operation with this fantastic charity.  if you have any suggestions or comments  please contact me.  

Our first Trustee and Ambassador conference will be taking place on 16th/17th September,  we will provide an update after the event. Together with a list of all the beneficiaries that have received our support over the last year.

Yours aye

Nigel Mellor

2018 Pin Pledges

103 Days left to the closing of this list.

Last Pledge was made by
Robert Murray
Total Number of Pledged Pins = 1164
Total Number of individual Pledges = 459


Brickwoods Field Gun Competition

IMG 1655

We Remember Submariners are pleased to announce that we will be supporting several submariner crews competing in this year’s Brickwoods Field Gun Competition held at HMS Collingwood on Saturday 3rd June.

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