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We Remember Submariners (WRS) is a not-for-profit organisation has recently achieved status as a Registered Charity of England & Wales as of December 2017

We raise funds through donations, events and the sale of our unique annual Memorial Pins, plus other items of memrobilia, using the funds to provide the following:

  • Fund and lay wreaths at National Remembrance occasions, currently:
    • Annual memorial service at the National Submarine War Memorial, located at Victoria Embankment, London on the first Sunday of November.
    • At the statue of the Submariner in the Combined Services Memorial, located in the West Cloister, Westminster Abbey, London on Remembrance Day.
    • At The Cenotaph, located on Whitehall, London on Remembrance Day.
  • Fund wreaths for submarine memorials around the world, laid by WRS Members. Countries include, Australia, Canada, Cyprus, Malta, Singapore, Spain and the USA.
  • Fund a wreath for the funeral of any serving submariner who dies, or provide a donation in lieu to a charity chosen by the deceased’s next-of-kin.
  • Gift special memorial pins to the immediate relatives of deceased submariners, retired or serving. These pins are named ‘Moly’ Pins, in honour of the late Lt Cdr Ian Molyneux RN GM, and feature a wreath of red poppies with a single golden poppy in remembrance of each family’s individual loss. ‘Moly’ Pins cannot be purchased.
  • Fund wreaths for any pledged member of We Remember Submariners, or make a donation to charity in lieu, as specified by the Next of Kin.
  • Funds permitting, wreaths or donations in lieu are also sent to the funerals of retired submariners who are not pledged members of We Remember Submariners, including to members of the Submariners Association.
  • Send cards of condolence to families of deceased serving or retired submariners.
  • Donations, on a case-by-case basis, to dependent relatives of deceased submariners.

The list above is not exhaustive and we are expanding our charitable work as the We Remember Submariners charity continues to grow, gaining members and experience, every year.

Funds remaining at the end of each year, after all deductions, are held in reserve or partially donated to submarine-related charities.


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