How We Remember Submariners got started

IanFollowing the murder of Lt Cdr Ian Molyneux GM RN. In April 2011 the group We Remember Submariners was initially created for the objective of providing a wreath for his funeral. Over 200 submariners joined together via Social media to do this.

Led by John Bradbury the group had grown to over 4000 friends and sells memorial pins each year. These show the number of Submarines lost (1914–1918) and the number of submariners that have Crossed the Bar in that year.

Due to its success the organisation, it has had to change from a Facebook page to becoming a Community Organisation (Charity) whilst maintaining a Facebook presence. This has meant a board of trustees were recruited, and they have taken over the running of the Group. John Bradbury is now in the role of Founder, and Gill Molyneux accepted the post of Patron.

The group aims are to:
• Provide a wreath and condolence card for any serving or retired Submariners that Cross the Bar along with Mollie Pins to the immediate relatives, provided we are aware.
• Provide wreaths for submarine memorial events such as National Submariners memorial service.
• Provide assistance to submariners that have been identified as worthy Candidates.

These acts are funded by the sale of an annual Memorial pin. WRS have supported both serving and retired submariners in a variety of ways, such as providing a motorised scooter for a retired submariner that struggles to get about. Three crews to partake in the prestigious Brickwoods Field Gun Competition. For more information on who we have supported and how can we support you, please go to the donations section of the website.


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