We Remember Submariners Organizational Structure

The group has become too much for one person to manage and as we evolve it was felt we should put in place a suitable structure to ensure we grow, and equip the group for operating as a charity. The group will be overseen by a board of trustees who will meet face to face on a yearly basis but organize several virtual meetings using available modern technology. They are responsible for the long term strategic plans of the group and where needed guidance and direction to the management group.

This group will consist of a Patron and Founder who are ex-officio officers and will remain in post until they wish to resign or cross the bar. There will then be a group of 8 trustees who will be elected from the voting members of the charity. They will serve a fixed term on the board and upon time they may stand again or step down, they will not however be able to serve more than three terms without having to take a break from the trustees, they may after one year stand for re-election again.

From this group a Chairman and two Directors - Finance and Operations will be elected to act as the management committee and they will be responsible for the day to day running of the group. Seeking guidance from the trustees whenever they feel it is required.

The management committee will ensure all aims of the group are met and produce relevant accounts and audit trails of all monies and items sold.

The management committee will be able to assist organizations and individuals that seek our assistance with monetary assistance up to £1.000 all higher values will need to seek the Trustee’s approval.

To assist the Management team, we will create an Admin team who will provide admin, shop, website provision and monitor our social media sites.

There will then be a group of approx. 40 people who will become the membership of the group we will call them our ambassadors.

Listed below are the Officers and roles they will hold. All Trustee and Management posts are initially held for three years. To enable continuity within the group and ensure we can achieve our goal of becoming a charity.

  • Patron Gillian Molyneux
    Gill is the widow of the late Lt. Cdr. Ian Molyneux who was tragically shot on board HMS Astute in 2011, she has supported this group from the beginning and plays an active role within the group ensuring the memory of Ian and why the group was started is not forgotten.
  • Founder John Bradbury
    John was the key instigator in organizing a wreath for Lt. Cdr. Molyneux, this then continued with a yearly pin to Remember our brothers, that sadly cross the bar each year, following some poor health and the group becoming very big, he has handed over the running to a management committee and established a board of trustees.
  • Chairman / Finance Director and Trustee Nigel Mellor
    Nigel is a retired Diesel boat submariner who has been involved in the group since 2013 and in 2016 was elected to the post of  treasurer for the group, collating all payments in and out, producing a set of accounts that will assist us in the formation of a charity. He is also involved with the Submariners Association, and has positive links with the Submarine Command Warrant Officer and serving submariners across the country.
  • International Trustee Patrick Warley
    Patrick is an Englishman who joined the American Navy as he had American relatives. he retired from the American submarine service and settled back in England. He has been involved with the group since 2012. He was elected chairman in 2016, he is also founder of the groups we remember Canadian submariners, we remember American Submariners and brings a great deal of business experience to the group.
  • Operations Director and Trustee Richard Figgins
    Richard is a retired submariner who has been involved in the group for the past three years, last year Richard co-ordinated pin sales across the southern part of the country. This year he will be coordinating pin sales across the UK.
  • Trustee and Serving Rep Steve Thorpe
    Steve has recently joined the Trustee group of we remember submariners and will be acting as a point of contact for all serving submariners who wish to purchase pins, or require our assistance.
  • Trustee Chalky White
    Chalky will be acting as an area coordinator in the South West to ensure we provide wreaths to submariners that cross the bar and point of contact for pin sales.
  • Trustee Richard Dickaty
    Richard will be acting as an area coordinator in the North west to ensure we provide wreaths to submariners that cross the bar and point of contact for pin sales.
  • Trustee Bill McCormack
    Bill will be acting as an area coordinator in the North East to ensure we provide wreaths to submariners that cross the bar and point of contact for pin sales.
  • Trustee David Woolterton
    David is a retired submariner who has been assisting We Remember Submariners over the past two years with Internet, email and Social Media Security. David has also designed the new Website, whilst having the future in mind and will remain the current Webmaster. He would be honoured to become a trustee and will bring a great deal of knowledge and experience gained within the Submarine an IT community’s.
  • Admin Team
    Admin: Mrs Helena Figgins, Shop: Mrs Terri Mellor, Scottish Area Coordinator: Pam Durrant


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