KRI Nanggala (402), also known as Nanggala II, was one of two Cakra-class Type 209/1300 diesel-electric attack submarines of the Indonesian Navy. It was ordered in 1977, launched in 1980, and commissioned in 1981.

Nanggala participated in several naval exercises, including the Cooperation Afloat Readiness and Training exercises in 2002 and 2015. In 2004, the boat participated in the Joint Marine Operations Exercise in the Indian Ocean, during which it sank KRI Rakata, a decommissioned Indonesian ship launched in 1942. In August 2012, she conducted a passing exercise with USS Oklahoma City, accompanied by KRI Diponegoro  and a Bölkow-Blohm helicopter.

The submarine also conducted a number of intelligence gathering operations in the waters around Indonesia, including one in the Indian Ocean from April to May 1992, and another around East Timor from August to October 1999, where she tracked the movements of the International Force East Timor as it landed in the region. In addition, after the Indonesian KRI Tedong Naga and the Malaysian KD Rencong were involved in a minor collision in waters near Nunukan, North Kalimantan, Nanggala was tasked with scouting, infiltrating, and hunting down strategic targets in the area during May 2005

Nanggala underwent a refit in South Korea that was completed in January 2012 and replaced much of her upper structure, and upgraded the boats weaponry, sonar, radar, combat control and propulsion systems. After the refit, Nanggala could fire four torpedoes simultaneously at different targets and launching anti-ship missiles such as the Exocet or the Harpoon. Her safe diving depth was increased to 257 metres (843 ft), and her top speed was increased from 21.5 knots to 25 knots.

Nanggala was declared missing on 21 April 2021, hours after losing contact with surface personnel whilst dived. She was in the middle of a torpedo drill in waters north of Bali and had fired a live torpedo before going missing. The navy estimated that the submarine's oxygen supply would last for about three days, and multiple domestic and international vessels were sent to search for the boat.

Three days later, on 24 April, debris from the submarine was recovered from the surface, forcing the authorities to declare Nanggala sunk. 

Navy chief Yudo Margono reported that a scan appeared to show the submarine resting at a depth of 850 m (2,800 ft).

Following the tragic loss of the Indonesian submarine KRI Nanngala - 402, We Remember Submariners held a trustee meeting on 25 April and decided unanimously to create a memorial pin to raise some money for the families of the 53 who sadly perished in the submarine. These will be available to buy through the WRS shop or regional outstations in the next few weeks. Details to follow.

You may also donate directly through the We Remember Submariners donation system. Thank you for your support.



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