Question: Do I need to create an account to register my pledge for a pin?

Answer: Yes. To make a pledge for our annual remembrance pin, you will need to create an account on this site and then complete the pin pledge process, which is accessable from the My Pin Pledges Page. You will only need to create the account once and not every time you want to make a pin pledge. For convenience, this account is the same account used by the shop.

Question: How do I create an Account on the Website

Answer: (Website User Account Creation)

The simplest way is to go to the Online shop by selecting Shop from the Top Menu. Then select Create an account under the Login Boxes.

Please fill in your

Name for example "David Woolterton"
Username "What-ever-you-want-it-to-be"  - This is the username you type when logging on with your password. This should not be your email address.
Password "Speaks for its self"

Email Address This address is the email address that the activication email will be sent to and the one we use, should we need to contact you

Captcha  Select Captcha as this is a security feature to prove that it is not a robot submitting the form

Please complete all other fields as require.

Finally, select 'Register'.

An activation email will be sent to you to activate the account, before you can log on, please check any Spam or Trash Folders.

Question: I have created an account on this site, but am still waiting for my activation email.

Answer: If after you have checked you Spam and Trash Folders and you still cannot find the email, please email the  Webmaster to confirm your email address before we can activate your account.

Question: Can I use my email address to log on?

Answer: Yes. The website will allow you to log on with either your created username or registered email address, as long as you have created an account on this site.

Question: I have tried to login and I am getting: 'You have had too many attempts at logging on with the wrong user name and password, so your access has now been blocked. If this continues please contact the Webmaster'.

Answer: The system will automatically block anybody after multiple failed login attempts. The system will also unblock you after a period of time. Please ensure that you have registered for an account on this website. Secondly is the account active?  If this continues then please email the Webmaster.

Question: Why contact the Webmaster by email and not PM via Facebook Messenger ?

Answer: Quite a lot of the time the webmaster needs more than one piece of information about you to cross-reference an entry in the database. To be sure he is checking the right data, sending an email reduces the chances of error.

Question: Who can buy or pledge for these pins from We Remember Submariners (WRS) ?

Answer: Anybody can buy or pledge for the pin which WRS produce to remember those submariners that have crossed the bar during the previous year. You do not need to be in any of our Facebook groups. At WRS we would also like to say a big thank you everybody who supports us in the work we do. We could not do it without your continued help every year.

Question: What do I do if I don't have an email Account?

Answer: In this instance please ask a family member or a friend to register for your pins or to email the Webmaster on your behalf to discuss a way in which we may be able to assist you.

Question: What do I do if I notice that I have made a mistake after I have submitted the form?

Answer: If you Webmaster with your details and the nature of your problem, we can make the changes for you.

Question: What do I do if change my email or postal address?

Answer: If you go to the My Pin Pledges Page there is a link for you to be able to update your profile. Here you can amend any of the information that we hold on you.


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Important Information

Apologies, during some clean-up operations on the Website I removed some unsued modules.

Unfortunately this caused an issue with the Post Code element of your Address of your User Profile which has been rectified.

If you have made a Pin Pledge at any time before 9th March 2018, then please logon to the My Pin Pledge Page and we ask you to check your Address information as it will be this information we use to post your Pledge Pins to. If found to be incorrect then please use the Edit profile option to amend.

We Remember Submariners, thank you for your continued support.