The We Remember Submariners 2021 Memorial Pin represents remembrance for our Brothers who have sailed on Eternal Patrol over the period 1st January - 31st December 2020, listed as the number below the dolphins. Gold Poppy recipients will have been a serving UK submariner or a current member of WRS who was also a submarine veteran. The number 175 represents the numbers of UK submariners who sadly crossed the bar in 2020 (as informed to WRS).

The pin is sent to WRS Members who have renewed membership in 2021. It will be available for general purchase in the online shop from July 2021.

Design of 2021 Pin 

The Gold Poppy and Submarines are remembered on the the 2021 Memorial Pin as listed below.

Gold Poppy Recipients

Richard Watling 22nd January 2020

David (Jess) Owen 24th February 2020

Stefan Vidak Senior 19th March 2020

Willian (Tug) Wilson 14th April 2020

Stephen (George) Moffitt 28th June 2020

Captain Jim Simpson 1st July 2020 Serving member

Lt Cdr Julian (Jules) Rogers 3rd October 2020 Serving member

Dave (Taff) Sillman 21st November 2020

George Kimmett 23rd November 2020


K5 - Foundered and sunk in the Bay of Biscay on 20th January 1921 for reasons unknown.

K15 - Sank in Portsmouth harbour 25 June 1921

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