The We Remember Submariners 2013 Memorial Pin represents remembrance for our Brothrs who have sailed on Eternal Patrol.

The Gold Poppy Recipients are remembered on the the 2013 Memorial Pin as listed below.

  • Lt Cdr Ian Molyneux G.M. R.N. (Hms Astute) 8th Apr 2011)
  • LOM Paul McCann (HSM Tireless (21st Mar 2007)
  • OM Anthony Huntrod (HSM Tireless) (21st Mar 2007)
  • CPO Sharon Ann Connell-Malcolm (14th May 2012)
  • ET Roberts (HMS Vigilant) (2nd Sep 2012)
  • CPO Stwd 'Whiskey' Walker
  • CPO(TS)(SM) Rtd  James Ellis (25th Aug 2012)
  • Jamie Greenwood (13th Apr 2013)
  • WO MEA(P) Rtd John Hymas
  • Dave Boniface (10th Dec 2012)
  • LRO(G) Rtd Andy Crehan (12th Dec 2012)
  • CPO Coxn Rtd Joe Shields MBE (20th Mar 2012)
  • CPO MEM Rtd Jim Onions (1st Dec 2012)
  • Vera Griffith

Sharon Ann Connell Malcolm sm


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