2015pinThe We Remember Submariners 2015 Memorial Pin represents remembrance for our Brothers who have sailed on Eternal Patrol over the past year, along with the ten submarines that were lost during 1915.

The Gold Poppy and Submarines are remembered on the the 2015 Memorial Pin as listed below.


  • Nick Platzer (26th Jul 2014)
  • Gareth Thomas (21st Oct 2014)
  • Reg Stokoe (4th Nov 2014)
  • Richard 'Jan' Mead MBE (6th Dec 2014)
  • Christpher Pepsounis (9th Jan 2015)
  • Roy Henderson (27th Feb 2015)
  • Tex Golding (9th Mar 2015)
  • Olive Cooke (6th May 2015) (Pink)
  • Dave Sullivan (11th May 2015)
  • Caren Ashcroft (7th Jun 2015)

 Submarines lost in 1915

  • 4th Jan - C31
  • 18th Jan - E10
  • 17th Apr - E15
  • 30th Apr - AE2
  • 4th Aug - C33
  • 18th Aug - E13
  • 29th Aug - C29
  • 29th Aug - E7
  • 6th Nov - E20
  • 26th Dec - E6

Tex Golding 150x150

Tex Golding CPO (COXN)(SM) Rtd. served in Submarines from 1947 until 1969 in the following boats: Tactician, Aurochs, Auriga, Anchorite, Sleuth, Solent, Scorcher, Artemis, Thermopylae, Totem and Tapir.

Roy Henderson 150x150PO(CK)(SM) Roy Henderson had already trained as a chef before he joined the Royal Navy in 1980.

Between 1983 and 1994, he served aboard submarines Orpheus, Odin and Superb and was extremely proud of his time in boats.

After leaving the RN, Roy developed his catering career in civilian life, and eventually served the Armed Forces once again by working as a Catering Manager in Afghanistan between 2009 and 2011 – in charge of 40 to 200 staff at a time, who catered for anywhere between 1,200 and 8,000 personnel, depending on how busy the camp was.

Roy passed away aged 55, less than a month after a diagnosis of cancer, with his partner Elaine and his brother Tom by his side.

In his own words:

“Life on diesel submarines was completely different … first you had to qualify as a submariner to earn your dolphins. Your job as chef on board came second, so all of your spare time was devoted to learning the sub inside-out.

Once you had those dolphins, you settled into life as one of two chefs on board, but you were also given other jobs. I had ships diver, helmsman, torpedo re-loader, fire-fighter, first-aid man, periscope photographer & developer and store-man. Last, but by no means least … a chef.”

Christopher Pepsounis 150x150Christopher ‘Pepsi’ Pepsounis was not a submariner, but WAS a General Service RP1, Falklands Veteran and a staunch supporter of WRS.

He passed away at the age of 55 following a long fight against multiple illnesses, including lung cancer, heart failure and bowel & stomach cancer.

He fought this battle till his ship went down, fighting on his own terms, Flag flying till the last moment.

Richard Mead 150x150WOMEA Richard ‘Jan’ Mead MBE served on submarines Otus, Cachalot, Sovereign, Sceptre, Victorious and Vengeance between 1968 until 2001.

He sailed on eternal patrol at the age of 64.

Reg Stokoe 150x150Reginald Arthur Stokoe served as an AB in submarines  Alliance, Truculent, Sentinel, Trump, Tradewind & Turpin between 1947 and 1950.

27th March 1926 – 4 November 2014.

Nick Platzer1 150x150Nicholas Casimir Platzer was not a submariner. In fact, he had never served in any of the Armed Forces because he suffered from epilepsy.

Nick was a proud Cornishman, well known in St. Ives where he was born and bred;  a fisherman in his youth and well remembered by everyone who came into contact with him.

Travelling extensively, Nick spent time living in other areas of the UK and abroad before coming back to his Cornish roots in 2012.

A staunch supporter of the RNLI and the Armed Forces charities, including Soldiers Off The Street and the British Legion, Nick had mentioned in conversation with friends that his We Remember Submariners pin was his proudest possession.

He died unexpectedly, but apparently peacefully, in his sleep, aged 60.

Gareth Thomas 150x150L/S UC Gareth ‘Gaz’ Thomas, a serving member aboard HMS Tireless, tragically sailed on his final patrol at the age of only 24.

His funeral service was held in the Chapel of HMS Drake on 12th November 2014, and CPO ‘Rimmi’ Rimmingtom of HMS Tireless kindly laid a wreath for young Gaz, on behalf of WRS, with the inscription;

Rest in the briney deep where many other submariners sleep.
Your youth will never know the magic you have left to grow”

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