The We Remember Submariners 2016 Memorial Pin in memory of our brothers who have sailed on eternal patrol during the year, along with the fourteen submarines that were lost during 1916.

The gold poppy and submarines are remembered on the the 2016 Memorial Pin as listed below.



  • Peter Price (29th Aug 15)
  • Tex Ranger (6th Oct15)
  • Alan Eling (17th Oct 15)
  • Willian 'Taff' Howell Serving Member (Jan 16)
  • Lt Joe Wright RN Serving Member (Feb 16)
  • CDR Richard 'Darby' Allen RM Serving Member (Mar 16)
  • AB Ian Anthony James Serving Member (26th April 16)

 Submarines lost in 1916

  • 6th Jan - E17
  • 19th Jan - H6
  • 7th Mar - E5
  • 14th Mar - E24
  • 25th Apr - E22
  • 24th May - E18
  • 6th Jul - E26
  • 15th Jul - H3
  • 9th Aug - B10
  • 15th Aug - E4
  • 15th Aug - E41
  • 22nd Aug - E16
  • 22nd Nov - E30
  • 30th Nov - E37


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