The We Remember Submariners 2018 Memorial Pin represents remembrance for our Brothers who have sailed on Eternal Patrol over the 6 month period 1st July - 31st December 2017, along with the twenty three submarines that were lost during 1918.

The Gold Poppy and Submarines are remembered on the the 2018 Memorial Pin as listed below.


Keith Radford (July 2018)

LMA Tony Ullah (Serving Submariner July 2018)

Keith Bishop (1st August 2018)

Peter Ingram (18th September)


Submarines lost in 1918

 14th Jan - G8

19th Jan - H10

28th Jan - E14

31st Jan - K17

31st Jan - K4

1st Feb - E50

2nd Mar - H5

12th Mar - D3

3rd Apr - E9

3rd Apr - E19

4th Apr - E8

4th Apr - C26

5th Apr - C27

5th Apr - C35

24th Apr - C3

24th Apr - C1

28th Jun - D6

20th Jul - E34

3rd Oct - L10

6th Oct - C12

15th Oct - J6

1st Nov - G7

22nd Nov - G11


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