The We Remember Submariners 2019 Memorial Pin represents remembrance for our Brothers who have sailed on Eternal Patrol over the  period 1st Janurary - 31st December 2018, along with the two submarines that were lost during 1919.

The Gold Poppy and Submarines are remembered on the the 2019 Memorial Pin as listed below.


CPO MEM(L) Gerard (Paddy) Conway (Serving Submariner 12th May 2018)

WO1 Jason Guy (Serving Submariner 17th July 2018)

ACPO MEM(M) Michael Flynn (Serving Submariner October 2018)

WO1 MEA Bob McTurk (Serving Submariner 29th November 2018)


Submarines lost in 1919 (Red Poppies)

 9th Jun - L55 (Sunk by  Russians off Crimea)

18th Oct - H41


Paddy 1CMEM(L) Gerard ‘Paddy’ Conway
I first met Paddy on joining the Trafalgar class submarine HMS Talent 20 years ago in September 1998. From Day 1, on a boat full of new faces, Paddy was the guy that was most welcoming. He showed me around and introduced me to more people than I could possibly remember in one go.
Since that day, we became firm friends. Paddy was the shining light in the room. If someone was feeling low, it would be Paddy who would crack a joke or act the clown to lighten the mood. He was an extremely social guy and often invited me, along with other friends to many BBQ’s at his home, we walked over Dartmoor and in the mountains of Snowdonia, attended football matches, and spoke endlessly on many topics ranging from football to birds, fish to gardens. As a proud Irishman, he was never more happy than digging a big hole, wearing nothing more than shorts, boots, a rolled up cigarette in his mouth and a can of Fosters close at hand.
Paddy was always available to lend a hand, lifting and shifting and never shirked away from helping a mate with his trusty pick-up truck. A competent electrical engineer, he served on many different boats over a distinguished career spanning more than 30 years, but he found his niche as a mentor, training young lads in SMQ and more recently as a Divisional Officer in HMS Sultan.
Paddy was, above all else, a family man. He was devoted to Vivien and her boys, Ricky and Martin but often travelled back to Portsmouth to see his own kids and I know what a big hole his passing with leave in their lives. We spoke often and despite being older than him, the conversations always started with “Alright young un ….”.
In short Paddy Conway was an absolute legend. He was my best friend, but also a friend to many many more. Original and funny, he never had a bad word to say about anyone and I will miss him.

Rest in Peace my friend

Ian Atkinson

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