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Following the tragic loss of the Indonesian submarine KRI Nanggala - 402, We Remember Submariners held a trustee meeting on 25 April and decided unanimously to create a memorial pin to raise some money for the families of the 53 who sadly perished in the submarine.
These are available to pre-order through the WRS shop for delivery in early June; hopefully available in our regional outstations shortly afterwards.
If you wish to make an additional financial contribution to support the families, we also have a donation page.
Nothing will bring these submariners back, but with the global submarine community pulling together, perhaps we can show our support and provide some financial assistance to the families.

Nanggala was declared missing on 21 April 2021, hours after losing contact with surface personnel whilst dived. She was in the middle of a torpedo drill in waters north of Bali and had fired a live torpedo before going missing. The navy estimated that the submarine's oxygen supply would last for about three days, and multiple domestic and international vessels were sent to search for the boat.

Three days later, on 24 April, debris from the submarine was recovered from the surface, forcing the authorities to declare Nanggala sunk. 

Navy chief Yudo Margono reported that a scan appeared to show the submarine resting at a depth of 850 m (2,800 ft).

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